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New Nokia N-8

September is the month when we get the chance to taste the first Symbian^3-based device from the Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia, and the first commercials with the device started to emerge into the wild.
With Nokia World 2010 set to kick off pretty soon and with the new device landing on shelves in a couple of weeks, it was only natural for Nokia to fire up its advertising machinery for the Nokia N8.

The theme of this video ad is “It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it,” which suggests that the campaign might be focused on the same idea.

The new video commercial was posted on Nokia’s YouTube channel, and it seems that other ads are also expected to emerge into the wild, as least this is what a recent post on The Nokia Blog reads.

Those interested in finding out a little more on how the ad came to life should head over to the Nokia Nseries

blog for that, as the dancing robot and the hamster wheel parts in the clip are explained there.

It should be pretty interesting to learn what impact would these videos have on users, especially if they continue on the same line.

Undoubtedly, Nokia wants to play the “technology advancements” card on this one, which is not that bad in the end.

However, when considering some of the commercials we’ve seen lately on other mobile phones out there, as well as on the devices running under them, things might not look the same.

The competition on the smartphone market is much tighter than it was one year ago, when we were looking at the latest Nokia flagship device, Nokia N97, and the same applies on the mobile OSes area.

Of course, it still remains to be seen what market segment would Nokia aim at with its commercials on Nokia N8, as well as how well would Symbian^3 impress end users, as both the company and the OS need a boost, that’s for sure.

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