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Best Android Phones (Betwen Rs. 20,000 & 25,000) : Sept-Oct 2010

In this range, you’ll find our pick from the last season; the HTC Legend, which hasn’t gone through much of a pricing change. It’s the Macbook Pro of cellphones, owing to its uni-body aluminum structure, which feels much sturdier and nicer than most phones you’ll ever use. The screen has a typical HVGA resolution, but is AMOLED in nature and thus looks quite vibrant. Although it may have a 600 MHz processor, the interface is fairly responsive. Then there’s Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI. The only flaw I came across was the metallic rim around the earpiece, which tends to poke the ear. If you don’t find that to be an issue, then the Legend is one flaunt-worthy piece. Last checked, it was still selling for somewhere around Rs. 23,000.

Next, you’ve got the Motorola Milestone which has seen a price-cut from its initial Rs. 27,500 cost (now selling a good Rs. 4,000 cheaper). A rock-sturdy body with a big 3.7-inch display bearing an 854 x 480 pixel resolution, the Milestone’s Android 2.1 OS handled smoothly during our use. One of the best call clarity I’ve experienced on a phone, the Milestone is also fairly feature-packed. Although the sliding QWERTY isn’t the best to type on, it may get the job done for people unwilling to tap on a touch-screen. Although the Milestone 2 will phase this one out eventually, it may take some time to hit the Indian market. Plus at Rs. 23,500 the original Milestone isn’t selling at an astronomical price anymore and this decent handset could be well within the reach of many (will be a sweet buy if the price hits Rs. 20,000).

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