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Best Android Phones (Betwen Rs. 14,000 & 20,000) : Sept-Oct 2010

It’s a list of the best Android phones that you could choose from. Since then several new phones have been released that we have reviewed. So, here’s a list of top phones sporting Google’s ‘tasty’ Operating System.

Here we have a couple of good contenders who have their unique strengths and weaknesses. So, we will break it down according to your needs. If the primary usage of your phone is to play videos, then the Galaxy 3 i5801 is the best bet for now. Armed with a 667 MHz processor, Samsung advertises DivX support out of the box for this phone. Now, while there are free players in the Android Market that let you play DivX and XviD formats, the Wildfire’s 528 MHz processor wasn’t able to churn a DVD rip as smoothly. So, all those 700MB movies lying on your computer can be directly transferred to the memory card sans any conversion and played back on the i5801. Read our hands-on preview of the phone here.

If your primary usage is going to be communication (messaging, emailing), then you’ve got two choices. Now, if you want a proper hardware QWERTY keyboard, then the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini Pro is pretty good. It is slightly above this range (currently selling for Rs. 15,700) but well worth your attention for many reasons.

First, is the neatly designed and tactile sliding QWERTY keyboard. Then there’s the regular set of connectivity options (3G, Wi-fi, GPS). Another strong point is multi-media; with a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that clicks great snaps and bundled in-earphones that deliver good sound. The only disadvantage is its short but stubby body with a tiny 2.55-inch display. Another sore point is that it still runs the ancient Android 1.6, but SE has come out and said that it will be receiving the 2.1 update in October or November this year.

If you’re looking for a classy touchscreen phone in this budget, the HTC Wildfire is the option to consider. Although you may feel cheated with the really low QVGA (320 x 240) resolution on a rather well-sized 3.2-inch display, its not like the screen is bad. The on-screen keyboard is excellently designed and can recognize the most horrid of typos. It is fairly compact and the build is finer than the Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801. The HTC Sense UI is well-designed and has great social networking features and other small tweaks in the UI. Other than the typical connectivity options, like the X10 Mini Pro, you’ve also got a 5 megapixel camera that takes decent snaps. The Wildfire sells for roughly Rs. 15,000.

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