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Best Android Phones (Betwen Rs. 25,000 & 30,000) : Sept-Oct 2010

Ah, this is a fight between the two titans — and let’s just set the record straight by saying that we’d recommend them both. We’re comparing the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire.

As for the build and finish, the Desire feels sturdier but bulkier as a result. On the other hand, the Galaxy S owing to its plasticky body is lightweight. Its portability hides the fact that it actually bears a humongous 4-inch display. The Desire’s has natural color tones and wider viewing angles, while the Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S is so vibrant that it makes you feel like you’re on acid every time you look at it.

Both feature top of the line features that you rightfully should expect, given the price you’re paying. Samsung leads the way with out of the box 720p MKV video playback, and not just regular DivX files. Both shoot video in hi-def as well. I like HTC’s Sense UI better than Samsung’s TouchWIZ. But the Desire’s tiny earpiece grille is at times irritating, as you have to adjust the phone to the right spot for you to hear properly. The Desire already runs Android’s latest 2.2 (Froyo) on sale while the Galaxy S will receive 2.2 some time in late October.

So the choice pretty much lies with the kind of functionality the user is expecting and the brand might also play a role in this category. You can pick either one depending on what you want from your phone. Go through both the reviews and then make a choice.

So there you have it – Top Android phones that you can buy right now. Are you disappointed that none of them are perfect enough for your liking? Then keep checking Techtree for Android phones that are worth waiting for before the end of this year.

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