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Make Your Own Cheap USB Fan (DIY)

Make Your Own Cheap USB Fan (DIY)

Things You Need:

While the space on most desktops is less for a table fan, air conditioners are often avoided because of what they can do to your monthly electricity bill. But what if we tell you that you can build yourself a cheap fan at your desk at virtually no cost? We will show you how it is possible to achieve this with very little effort.

There are a few things you need for this project.

1. A desktop case fan/CPU fan: Most of us can easily salvage such a case fan from our old computer casing. In case you happen to have old processor heatsinks, the fan from it can also be used for this purpose. However, make sure that it is a 5V fan. A 12 V fan works as well, but the speed will be slower. The voltage rating is mentioned on the fan, so read carefully before choosing the fan.

2. A USB cable with a USB port: You can try using any USB cable even if it is not working, as long as the cable has a USB port at one end.

3. Wire cutter/stripper: You will need a cutter to cut the cable/wires.

4. A pair of pliers: Pliers will help you twist and wrap the wires.

5. Electrical insulation tape: Electrical insulation of wires is necessary, hence the use of the insulation tapes.

6. A piece of stiff wire: You will need this for a makeshift stand for your USB desk fan. A 20 cm long piece is a good length for this.

The Procedure:

1. Use the cutter to cut off the end of the USB cable opposite to the one which has the USB Type A plug. Carefully strip the outer insulating coating of the wire to reveal different colored wires within.

You can cut off all the wires except the red and black wires because these two wires carry power from the computer’s USB port.

3. Now strip the red and black wires of the USB cable so that about a centimeter of metallic wires are exposed. Do the same for the red and black wires of the fan as well.

4. Use the pliers to twist together the red wire of the USB cable with the red wire of the fan, and the black wire of the USB cable with the black wire of the fan.

3. Pull out the insulation tape and wrap it around the red wire connection so that it is covered completely and then cut the tape. Do the same with the black wire connection too. This is to prevent the black wire and the red wire from making contact with each other.

4. Now we shall prepare the stand for the fan using the stiff wire. Bend the stiff wire and pass it through the desktop fan’s screw holes in such a way that it forms a “U” shape. While you do this, make sure that you insert the wire on the side opposite to that from where the fan blows the air.

Bend the wire such that you insert the legs into the other set of screw holes and take them out of the opposite side. Cut off any extra wire, leaving just around half an inch for support.

5. Keep this fan on the desk and push it so as to angle the stiff wire stand in an appropriate position so that you feel the wind. Cut off any metal wire sticking out of the stiff wire ends using the cutter, so that they do not hurt anyone and give your project a polished look.

That’s it! You’ll now have a working USB fan that will help cool you off in this hot weather while working at your computer desk.

Source: Techtree

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