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Game’s Preview “Dead Rising 2”

For anyone who likes to kill zombies the Dead Rising 1 was an absolute riot. You got to kill hordes of zombies with some of the most interesting weapons that you can find in any game. Dead Rising 2 offers more of the same with a few new changes for added zombie-killing pleasure.

This time around you will be playing as Chuck Greene who is a motocross racer in a casino city called as Fortune City. The city is filled with zombies of all shapes and sizes and your aim is to kill them.

At the start of the game you have two chainsaws tied to your bike as you drive through an arena filled with zombies. So right off the bat you are slicing through some zombie population.
Eventually you learn that the zombies are loose in the city and you must take refuge in the safe house till the military arrives. You also learn that your daughter has been bitten once by a zombie and to prevent her from turning into one herself, you must keep giving her doses of Zombrex every twelve hours. Obviously, Zombrex is not something that is lying around everywhere, so you have to hunt for it in the city and make sure you give it to your daughter at the designated time.

The game has a clock that runs in the background, which tells you what time it is and more importantly, how much time is left to complete your current objective. Many of the objectives are time based and you have to find something or someone, usually scattered somewhere in the city, in a limited time before the timer runs out. This would have been very easy had the city not been filled with zombies waiting to eat your brain.

The zombies are very, errr… zombie-like. They will roam around the place aimlessly but when they spot you they will move toward you to attack you. At times, however, they will ignore you as you pass by. Of course you can get their attention very easily by smacking them with many of the items strewn around.

It can be a baseball bat, a metal pipe or one of the boards outside the shops. Sometimes you can also find a chainsaw, which offer a more satisfying zombie killing experience. You can also use a gun, but it proves more difficult than using any of the other weapons, because as you are aiming at a zombie you can easily get attacked by others behind you. It’s easier to just swing a bat and kill multiple enemies at once, than pick out one at a time with a gun. You can spill enough blood in the game to fill a blood bank and as you continue to fight you will see your character get bloodier, although strangely there aren’t any traces of blood on his clothes in cut scenes.

In Dead Rising 2 you can combine weapons in certain ways to make them even deadlier. You will find workshops across the city and as you continue to play you will earn more PP, basically points for killing stylishly. These unlock more possibilities on how you can combine the weapons. For example, we managed to combine the baseball bat with a bunch of nails to make smacking zombies even more fun. You will unlock more such possibilities but you cannot just combine any weapons, as it has to be one of the options that the game provides.

We played the PS3 version of the games and the graphics looked very good with good use of lighting, and reminded me of the graphics in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The sound was also good, as every time the chainsaw met zombie flesh it produced a satisfyingly gory sound that would put a silly smile on a lot of faces. I did notice that the game had some long loading times and they also happen fairly often, whenever you have to move from one location to another.

Overall in our short time with the game we came out impressed with it and are hoping for a lot more zombie slaying action when the game finally launches on September 28 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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