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Google Buys New Touch Keyboard Tech – BlindType

This new intuitive input technology co-ordinates with user’s typing style and acts as a perceived keyboard

If you have been struggling to type correct words on your touchscreen phone, your woeful days are going to end soon. We say this because Google has purchased a startup – BlindType that offers a new intuitive technology for touchscreen based typing for consumers. The BlindType technology is designed to work on Google Android and Apple iOS platform. However, Google’s acquisition of BlindType confirms its plan to improve touchscreen based typing functionality in Android operating system running devices.

New BlindType technology mainly intends to make the touch typing easier, faster and constantly adjusts to the user’s “perceived” keyboard as well as typing style. Thankfully, there are no gestures or shortcuts to learn to use it. Users need to constantly concentrate on the touchscreen keyboard for typing correct due to lack of tactile feedback. There are no buttons! However, BlindType promises to eliminate that need to constantly focus while you type text.

SWYPE technology is another intuitive input method for touchscreen phones. Through a continuous finger or stylus motion across the touchscreen keyboard, one can easily get the text on the screen. This method uses error correcting algorithm along with the logic to guess correct word quickly. Based on the text located anywhere on the device, this method gets smarter by adding more words to its library.

This is somewhat similar to BlindType which predicts the word user intends to write with a higher success rate – all due to its strong and fast predictive algorithm. This means you can type any arbitrary letter sequence but the BlindType keyboard will show up the word you were intending to write. This is based on matching the letters actually typed with the ones that user might have intended to type. This technology works with any language and would work like a charm if Google incorporates it with its international language offerings.

What is BlindType?

  • Eliminates touch typing  frustrations

  • Allows for super sloppy typing

  • Helps you type easier and faster

  • Constantly adjusts to the user’s “perceived” keyboard and typing style

Just type the way you are used to – no gestures, nothing new to learn!

With BlindType, users can type on the touch screen the way they are used to, but without the traditional need to constantly focus on the keyboard. Although this would typically lead to countless spelling mistakes that would be impossible to autocorrect, BlindType predicts what the user intended to write with a success rate not previously seen on any other system.

Coming soon to a touch screen near you. Supporting all major devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android


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