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Students Develop OS for the Physically Challenged

B’lore lads create disabled-friendly OS

Paralysis- affected persons will no longer find it difficult to access their favourite website. A group of students from a City engineering college has developed an operating system (OS) which will help differently-abled people to use their personal computers or laptops.

Entitled ‘Doors’, the OS uses unique gesture controlling system for physically-challenged users, including visually impaired. With the help of an intensity sensor, the OS can detect the slightest movements of the hands or limbs of a person. For  visually impaired users, the OS offers a speech recognition tool, which will simplify the task of using a computer for them.

Four students of Government Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technological Institute -Neelakantan S, Vivekananda M, Veda Prakash and Mohammad Irshaad – have spent more than three years to develop the operating system. “DOORS stands for Disk Operated Office Recovery System. It has been developed by us right from scratch,” says Neelakantan S, a fifth semester Computer Science student.

The team also claims that their product comes with an in-built anti-virus programme called Cool Cops, which automatically quarantines infected files. The OS widely supports files of Windows and Linux also.

To make the OS more friendly, the team has minimised the time to load the OS. It takes about a minute to load the OS, say the students and it does not require installation, as it is a live OS.

Budding engineers also attribute their project to their guide – Mahadevaiah, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering. “The team has been working on the project for a long time,” says the professor. The team has already won many state-level competitions and is planning to showcase their OS in the upcoming IIT Chennai Techical Fest.

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