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Comparison Between Aakash and UbiSlate 7 Tablet Models

We have already been informing you about all possible details – technical specs, features, prices, availability for the Akash computer tablet as well as its upgraded model UbiSlate tablet (aka Aakash-2 tablet). Now, when Aakash tablet has finally been made available for sale online and UbiSlate is available for online pre-booking, most of the users are some how confused about the difference between Aakash Tablet PC and UbiSlate tablet. We can also blame the company as well as Indian Govt. for this confusion. This is because at the time of launch, people just came to know about one name i.e. Aakash Tablet. However, Aakash tablet was subsidised as it was targeted to be a students model of the tablet. However, subsequently, company DataWind and Indian Govt. started taking different Aakash tablet models which they wanted to sell in the retail market ( i.e. non-student model). Now, obviously, retail model was not be subsidised as company would like to make some profits as well which could only be possible by keeping retail model as a separate and non-subsidised. Then, it was named UbiSlate to keep it separate from Aakash tablet and to give some more value for additional money being spent by retail customers, company decided to put some additional features in the retail model. So, although UbiSlate or UbiSlate 7 model of the tablet is built on the same architecture and hardware, it however differs slightly on technical specs and have some additional features. So, if you are also one of those who wanted to buy this world’s cheapest tablet but somehow feeling confused between Aakash tablet vs Ubislate Tablet, then you can check below the comparison between Aakash tablet and UbiSlate 7 Tablet to see and understand their technical specs and features.

Also see how Aakash tablet’s manufacturing company Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tulidescribed about the facts that could led him to make world’s cheapest tablet pc.


Comparison and difference between Aakash Tablet and UbiSlate 7 Tablet (Aakash-2)

Here is a quick comparison between Aakash tablet and UbiSlate 7 tablet (Aakash-2).

Also have a look at the Aakash tablet’s comparison with magnum pepper tablet (another most cheap tablet PC).

Microprocessor (Aakash vs UbiSlate 7 Tablet Comparison)

Aakash Tablet has the processor Arm11 – 366Mhz while its upgraded version UbiSlate 7 tablet has Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz processor.


As far as comparison between Aakash tablet and UbiSlate tablet battery is concerned, Aakash tablet has the 2100 mAh battery whereas UbiSlate 7 tablet has 3200 mAh battery.

Operating System (OS)

Both tablets viz student model Aakash tablet as well as upgraded version retail model UbiSlate 7 tablet are based on Google’s Android operating system. However, Aakash tablet is based on Android 2.2 Froyo OS while UbiSlate 7 tablet is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Network, SIM, Web and Internet Connectivity (WiFi, GPRS, SIM)

If we see the comparison between Aakash tablet and UbiSlate tablet on network and web connectivity, subsidised student’s model Aakash tablet has WiFi for web access. The upgraded UbiSlate 7 tablet, however, has WiFi as well as GPRS both for web access. UbiSlate 7 Tablet also has a SIM and mobile phone functionality.

3G Connectivity (Aakash vs UbiSlate 7 Tablet Comparison)

The upgraded retail model UbiSlate 7 tablet is expected to have 3G connectivity via an external 3G dongle.

Front Facing Camera

UbiSlate 7 tablet model is expected to have a front facing camera as well for video chat which is missing in basic students model Aakash tablet.

Screen and RAM Size

Though there is not much clarity on this, it is however, expected that screen as well as RAM in upgraded UbiSlate 7 tablet model is expected to be better than Aakash tablet.

Pricing Comparison between Aakash Tablet and  UbiSlate 7 Tablet)

Aakash tablet is available at a price of Rs 2500 whereas UbiSlate 7 tablet is available at a price of Rs 2999.

Availability /Selling /Retailing

Aakash tablet has been made available for immediate sale online now where as UbiSlate 7 tablet is expected to be available by end-January 2012.

You can buy Aakash Tablet online with Cash on Delivery payment method and get it delivered within a weeks time.

You can pre-book or buy UbiSlate online to be able to get it by late January 2012 when it is made available in the retail market for delivery. http://www.ubislate.com/prebook.html



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