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Google is unveiling its service to connect a Google account to Microsoft Office today.

Google Cloud Connect is intended for people who have not made the full move to Google Docs and are still using Microsoft Office.

It allows people to use the Office interface with the features that come with Google Docs web-based collaboration. The product is based on DocVerse, the company Google acquired earlier this year.

The service syncs Office documents to a Google account. People do not leave the Office environment. Once synced, documents receive a unique URL. From that point, the document is part of Google Docs with all the features that come with that service.

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The documents may be shared and edited by multiple people within Microsoft Office. A revision history is kept. It is accessible on a mobile device.

Google Cloud Connect is available for people using Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

DocVerse was a key acquisition for Google. A lot of people are familiar with the Office interface. They have worked in the environment for years. Moving to Google Docs can be a hassle.

Google Cloud Connect is the kind of service that spans different UX environments but provides feature sets that are a part of the Web. That may be just the right for the long-time
user who wants the look and feel of Microsoft Office but the capabilities that come with Google Docs.

Google is accepting early testers into Google Cloud Connect. Sign up here to test the service, report bugs and provide feedback.


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